Lightning Piano is a collection of the material I use with very young beginners, aiming to grow a love of music making while developing all the skills needed to be a pianist.

My greatest desire is to share the joy of playing the piano and to develop in my pupils a life-long love of music-making.

I want children to develop skills which enable them to make music in whatever form they choose, whether professional or amateur, classical, jazz, pop, or any other.... and I want them to have fun while they are learning

Lightning Piano is structured, but the material is designed to be used creatively. I hope you enjoy using it to enhance your own teaching style, adapting/supplementing it to suit you

Teacher's/accompanist parts are printed in grey at the bottom of each piece.
They are also available as sound files for pupils to play along to here

Abridged explanatory notes for teachers appear at the bottom of each page of the book.

You can find more detail and background to my thinking in the 'Teaching Ideas' pdfs for each book, in the Teacher's Zone.

Games for the students, as mentioned in the books, can be found on the 'Games' page, and links to purchase the books can be found on the 'Purchase' page.